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October 30th

An important part of the day happens before preschool starts. The environment can be considered the third teacher, and materials are selected with intention and specific goals. And are chosen to inspire and entice. That said, a favorite is always to take every dish and item from the kitchen to the table for a tea party, and to open a doctor's office.

On our neighborhood walks, we've named some of the trees: Old Gnarly, New Gnarly, Big Gnarly and Maggie. They have become friends and we often observe something new or stop for a hug. Or a bug.

Today we successfully play several rounds of 'What Time Is It, Mr. Shark?'and 'Red Light, Green Light' and I let them climb up the bleachers which makes me nervous. But they are all capable climbers so I just take deep breaths and remember that they are learning confidence and courage, and to believe in themselves.

I believe in them too!

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