June 24

Interview with the Field Trip Teacher. Why do you take kids on bus field trips?'s fun and educational. Kids love them. They...

June 23rd

Lots of pictures, very few photos...out of steam and the river is calling me. All you need to know is that Clara got a shortcut, and...

June 22nd

First full-house field trip on a bus. Getting on a bus takes adventuring up to the next level, and everyone really enjoys it. There will...

June 21st

Happy Solstice!!! Happy summer. Right. On. Time. Happy Anniversary to Brian and Natasha. and Happy Birthday to ME! We've begun our...

June 16th

Trains... Balloon painting... Yoga... A big outing for Ginger Rogers to the field... More trains... Stories... Balloons-on-strings A very...

June 15th

Despite emotional morning drop-offs, today was very harmonious. We went out for a morning adventure up to Atkinson Park. We were...

June 14th

Wishing everyone a very happy strawberry supermoon, especially Bess and Amir. It was good to be back in school.

June 3rd

Not a typical day in preschool. But nice to spend some one-on-one time with Oly, and then have another bus adventure, this time to the...

June 2nd

well....this was not the day I planned for or expected...but Miele, Malcolm and I enjoyed a spontaneous adventure!

June 1st

Happy June. Had some technical difficulties here on my end, but the month is off to a good start.

May 27th

A most excellent Friday was had by all! Wishing you a similar weekend.

May 26th

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." Winnie-the-Pooh

May 25th

It was a sunny, harmonious, creative day. For the most part. We got invited to see Rick's turtle-filled pond, his frogs and his train...

May 24th

I'd say the week got off to a pretty good start.

May 20th

Enjoy a fabulous warm sunny spring weekend!

May 19th

It was sunny, it was rainy, it was sunny, it hailed, it was sunny, it thundered, it was sunny... She was happy, she was sad, he got...

May 18th

Today was a most excellent day, I'd say. Callooh, callay!

May 17th

Full house! The sun was shining. And Oly took a nap.