• Cara

November 5th

My starting prompts:

Create the slowest possible route with magna tiles (or whatever) for a marble to get from the top of the ramp to the bottom.

Create a color collage with the magazines we got from the Free Box yesterday.

Challenge your teacher to Sorry.

Some of their ideas:

Make a guinea pig wash (like a car wash for the piggies)-Robbie

Sew a bathrobe- Georgia (but we encountered more technical difficulties with the sewing machine and she ended up making a face mask)

Make a guinea pig harness- Delilah

Stuff as much stuff as possible into the loft house and get crazy-the boys

We also:

Cooked up a batch of red playdoh

Walked around the block and stomped in puddles and skated in the mud

Played an invigorating game of toilet tag

Designated Georgia our Manners Queen to gently remind of manners such as keeping elbows off the table, not talking while other people are talking, politely making requests and...more to come!

Created with the ever intriguing legos

Did some schoolwork...(some of us more than others!)

Made beautiful cards for our mothers.

Twas a fine fine day.

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