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June 13th

Mighty strange being phoneless for a WHOLE Wordling with spam calls from tax relief googling random facts that we wonder Spotify playlist at rest time (I used my old ipod and played a playlist from long ago)...and no ability to contact the outside world. How on earth did I travel to foreign countries once upon a time with nothing but a backpack and some traveler's checks?!

It was actually rather liberating.

We spent the morning playing out the story 'Heckety Peg', reading the story, finding props, and acting out scenes. Everyone was engaged for a long time, well into our usual circle time. But then Heckety Peg refused to let Tuesday into her house and there was a lot of emotion. Time for snack!

We stayed at Rivendell (because surely the one time I left without a phone there would be some sort of life-threatening injury, right?) and brought playdough outside to mix playdough and nature, and for a while there, I had a solid crew of wood stackers.

Everyone slept except Oly. He drew a picture of the dream Malcolm described to him, for him. Then he created with legos. And Oly drew Opal the dream she insisted she had when she woke up.

The afternoon was filled with stories-on-the-couch, drawing, dressing up, and dressing down and dressing up and dressing down, a brief visit with a rather lethargic Naga, and legos! And of course, popscicles.

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