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June 11th

Let's see.....we:

  • officially became Rivendell and SILK (Spider Intelligent Learning Kingdom) and found a bunch of friends for Boris. Boris may be the first spider to drive a VW bug.

  • learned that what we were calling inchworms are actually Angle shades which will turn into Owlet moths (I'm not sure how much to trust my App...)

  • learned that Daddy Long Legs are not actually spiders

  • learned that centipedes are not insects (and don't survive an afternoon and evening of kid-loving

  • we collected small rocks and began the process of tumbling rocks (Thank You Joel!!!)

  • had apricots (1 and 2 halves), meatballs (0), and pretzel-cream cheese-goldfish (5) for the pom-pom challenge

  • made lots of stuff with the low temp glue gun like a squirrel feeder, a Bo-Bo feeder, a blaster

  • we pulled seeds from cherries by various methods, and googled methods for actually growing cherry trees. It requires more than putting a seed in some soil...

  • created art with water colors, droppers, straws and post card sized cards

  • and then we did a whole bunch of other stuff to.

Have a most excellent weekend. Next week we'll be adding Nova, Rowan and Erik!

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