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April 21st

According to Miele:

It was a fun day. We played 'queen and dragon'. Lincoln and me and Clara. We went to the field. We played brother and sister. Lincoln and me and Clara. The other kids were just walking around, well Beatrix was and Oly was being with Teacher Cara and mostly throwing my panda, Bunny Ears, everywhere. At circle time I was being the teacher, but little things got twisted up because Oly and Lincoln were hurting each other. Well it started with Oly when he banged Lincoln against the car slide, and then Lincoln hit Oly. Then we were having fun. For lunch we had spaghetti and meatballs (again I choosed it) and we were telling stories and singing silly songs. That's it.

According to Cara:

It was a relaxed silly, sometimes emotional, Thursday. And my very own daughter's 25th birthday! Yup. Your little ones will be 25 in a long long time. And simultaneously, magically, in the blink of the eye. So I've added a few gratuitous pictures here and there.

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