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December 18th

The astounding occurrence of this day was actually a non-occurence in that the straw structure Elvis and I started yesterday was STILL STANDING at morning pick-up time!!! Bravo for all the impulse control, Rowan, Erik and Scarlett. It was a very cohesive morning, and especially nice the way they were holding hands and going down the slide together, waiting for each other and sliding over and over again.

And I thought you might like me to spell our routine...

8:30-9:30 Free play

9:30-10:00 Clean up and circle time

10:00-10:20 Handwashing, snack, story (working on having everyone stay at the table at least until the story is finished). 10:20-10:45 Arts and crafts

10:45 Bathroom break (fish watching!) and diaper changes

10:55 loft story

11:00 outside time (which usually starts and ends with a tire swing, and an improvised 'ABC' song

12:00 table work- coloring

12:15 lunch

12:35 free play

all subject to modification depending on the energy in the room

and then enjoyed another lovely afternoon with Elvis playing games, snacking, creating masterpieces, and dancing to top hits. Our one-and-one afternoons are numbered. To 1. And I think we will both miss them.

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