• Cara

September 9th

Wishing Brooks a very happy birthday, and to Stephanie a very happy birthing day!

Today, three out of five kids got to their classrooms. Let's see what happens tomorrow.

  • Elvis can have a lot of fun with the cord of his headphones. And a little piece of clay.

  • Vienna thinks flies are 'cute'.

  • We started a batch of rocks tumbling. What will they look like in three weeks?

  • We dug into a 'pop bottle science' book, and did the first three experiments. They sound so simple (#1 is add seven drops of water to a bottle filled three quarters of the way), but actually each experiment holds some mystery and everyone had ideas as to how to modify each experiment.

  • The sky should not be this color. The sun should not be this color. The kids are way more interested in the lizard they spotted under the bushes.

  • Cupcakes are fun to make. And fun to eat.

  • Delilah has decided we should be Pet Sitters, and take care of any small animals that need some love and attention while their owners are out of town.

And that's all folks!

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