• Cara

September 8th

What a wonderful day!

I notice that...

  • Lincoln likes the guinea pigs. He likes to feed them and hold them, and bathe them and watch them.

  • Miele likes to play family/house, setting up meals and babies and strollers and so on.

  • Beatrix is a gentle sensitive girl. She misses her mom and first, and stays close to me. And then she plays family and joins in the action.

  • Rowan likes building legos with symmetry and doesn't bat a lash when all the beads on her necklace fall to the floor.

  • Malcolm is the first 2 year old I have met who can hold the bubble tube and blow bubbles without spilling the solution, use the water squirter behind the back, under the leg, and backwards.

  • And Clara keeps right up with the pack, likes to put on her own shoes, and has figured out how to back down the play structure without any help.

The out of order pictures tell the story...

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