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September 8th

Well...distance learning is going to be interesting.

Georgia logged right in and joined her class, and was smiling from her corner desk for the next three hours.

Elvis accessed his classroom...and...might not have been quite as thrilled...but stayed focused for the first half and really is a trooper.

Delilah and Brooks were not able to access their classrooms, and the teachers didn't come back with the right passwords and class codes until after the fact. Rather disappointing. (More so for Delilah than for Brooks). We should be set for tomorrow.

And we'll figure it all out and find something that works for all of us.

Vienna reports that school didn't happen for her because of power outages. What bad timing. Arghh.

We went to the field in the afternoon with a guinea pig, bubbles, and a kite. We made squishy slime. We played some games.

Life is good. And windy.

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