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September 7th

Welcome to The Blog, new families and friends. Know that the pictures are basically backwards to forwards chronologically, and a couple are usually out of order regardless.

Today started off eerily quiet, with everyone finding their own thing to do...and that is probably the last time it will be so quiet! Kids are far better than adults at getting to know each other, playing together, and forming meaningful friendships. What happens to us grown ups? How can we learn from them?

Here are some thoughts from this first day of school:

  • We are book lovers. We read books at mealtimes, at rest time, a circle time, anytime. Anywhere.

  • This group has already mastered clean up. We used many materials (i.e. made a big mess!), and then put everything away. Together. Efficiently. Voila.

  • This group already has well developed social skills. Over and over I saw kids be helpful and supportive to each other, and understand that some kids need patience and learning and simply don't know yet how to interact with peers. That's okay. We'll show them. It will come.

  • This group eats a variety of healthy foods and has a great attitude towards meal times.

  • The guinea pigs will be very very well loved this year.

  • Rest time...well...we'll have to work on that a bit!

And probably we will all sleep very well. I will. It's a lot to start at a new school, leave our parents, make new friends, learn new rules (norms), discover new materials, eat different foods, and everything else too.

See you tomorrow!

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