• Cara

September 3rd

Hello! Its delilah today we had posicles and I made a miny modle of my neibers house! And in the morning I drew aphoto for my mom and ms cara brought back the alexa! We also did paper mache! everybody please listen. Dog from breeder BAD. Dog from shelter or pound GOOD. If you are thinking of getting a pet go to the humane society not breeders or even pet stores. the humane society has the petstores come from puppy mills! Incase you don't know puppy milss are places were people force the dogs to breed. They take the male and female in one cage and force to breed until they pass. They give them less food and dirty water. You know how chicken wire goes around a hutch or fence? Well at puppy mills they use chicken wire on the bottom of the cage. They step on the wire and it ingers there paws. They never get taken to the vet. Its sad. Some rescuers can save dogs but not much. And if they get saved there all in bad condision. if you search up puppy mills on youtube you can see behind the cene footage of them. Or rescuers. if you by a dog from the pet store your just giving money to the puppy mill owner. Thank you for learning with me soon ill come back with more facts!

As for me: TGIT and have a fabulous relaxing weekend.

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