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September 30th

Preschool was good.

Oly took his first nap (so did the rest of us)

Joel got us a bottle rocket that shoots up into the air

Beatrix became a great ally to Oly, helping him get his boots on and wash his hands...

Some of us had fun with the laminator

Everyone blew and chased big bubbles

Clara stayed outside with me and played even when Lincoln went inside

We caught a glimpse of the good luck loach (can you find him?)

Everyone did their jobs (and covered for those who aren't here)

And then a gasket broke and the water line to the toilet failed, which meant that water spurted wildly for about a minute before Joel ran over turned it off, which means that the preschool rest time room underneath was a bit flooded. Fortunately Lincoln was still there to hand us towels.....and hopefully the fans will dry things out and mitigate damage.

it's all good...

perhaps that is tmi.

bon soir

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