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September 23rd

A lot of yoga happened today. (Among many many other things). We started circle time with Dance for the Sun (by Kira Wiley), and then did poses from the Rivendell Halloween Yoga book which holds a collection of poses invented by kids AND FAMILY MEMBERS (yes, YOU!), of anything remotely associated with Halloween. For example, Ghost Pose, Pumpkin Pose, Witch Pose, Halloween Bunny Pose (why not!?)...etc. Miele is the first one inspired to invent a pose which she calls Vampire Pose. It will be in the book as soon as I get it printed.

So, I very cordially invite you to start thinking about what your pose will be, because your child will love seeing you in the book. I can capture your pose when you are here at Rivendell, or if you prefer, you are welcome to send me a digital one.

In other realms, I love that the kids are all squeezing onto the tire swing together. Today it was an airplane taking the children to Hawaii, to visit Malcolm where there would be Pineapples! and Coconuts! and beaches and shells and whales and baby whales, and seed that your could eat that would change you into an octopus and and and and and.


sleep well

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