• Cara

September 19th

Some things we wondered about today...

What happens as you mix the colors of the rainbow? What new colors appear? What color emerges after a lot of mixing? How can you get your hands clean again?!

What happened to the mud we had SO much fun in yesterday and were thinking would be the same today? Why????

How many people can sit on Mommy Sophie's lap?!

Safety rule #2: if it's sharp or pointy or glass, don't pick it up. Don't touch it. Don't kick it. Just stay away and tell me.

(Safety rule #1 was: if it looks like it was in somebody's mouth or butt, stay away from it. Picking up litter is nice and makes the earth happy, so long as it's safe for us. Now here's a sanitizing wipe)

Why does the cat on the wall have a 'pimple' (Scarlett)? the whole wall covered with bumps? Why???

If we yell loud enough into a traffic cone, will our mommies hear us?

Are the axolotls pretending to be dead again or are they actually dead?

Why isn't the computer giving me the option of showing the pictures as a slideshow like it usually does? Will it next time?

So many questions...

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