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September 18th


(I don't really know what a hashtag is, but somehow it seems appropriate!)

A couple moments:

We are headed to the sink to wash our hands for snack. Rowan happens to be ahead and climbs up the step stool. Scarlett says she wants to be first and makes a very mad face. Rowan steps down and to the side. Very kind. First, second, third! being kind is more important.

Rowan is done eating and leaves the table to play. I ask 'where does your plate go when you are done?' Rowan doesn't want to bus her plate. I suggest she ask the octopus to bus her dish? She smiles and shakes her head. The dinosaur? She smiles and shakes her head. Then who? I wonder... And then Scarlett gets up and buses her plate for her. (And then Rowan gets up and goes to bus Scarlett's plate, but Scarlett is still eating). That works for all of us.

We have an almost important/scary/heavy moment when Scarlett notices an axolotl that appears to be dead. We watch it not move at all for several minutes, and we all think it's dead. Scarlett suggests we 'throw it in the trash' and we talk a little about what we do with dead things. I say that since Joel raised the axolotls from eggs and really loves them, that I would save it for him to decide about. We watch the albino one push it, and wonder if it is sad that its friend (grandmother, Scarlett thinks) is dead..I go up to get a net and a bag, and when I go to scoop it, it wiggles away. It's a miracle. Whew.

The world can be a scary place, but so long as we are together and face it together, and love each other and help each other, it's beautiful and funny and magical too.

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