• Cara

September 17th

The highlight from the girls' perspective today was the kinetic sand they discovered right away in the sensory table. They returned to the sand over and over throughout the morning, and that is where they ended the day.

And we read books, did some juggling, had a dance party, lined up dinosaurs, made pizza, played hide-and-seek with Doodle, did some drawing and stickering, played with playdoh, visited with the axolotls, spotted Rocket, and went for a little walk down to the football field. We named the bumpy tree along the way 'Bump'.

We also turned a stranger into a friend when we chatted with the postman. His name is Joe. And his favorite thing about his job is getting to meet people out and about. Scarlett sang 'Good Day, Sunshine' to him. Rowan hid behind my back.

It was a fine drizzly Tuesday morning. The last one of summer...

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