• Cara

September 15th

A morning moment:

Miele and Lincoln are flinging themselves out of the loft onto the crash pad, announcing their jumps at high volume. Beatrix watches from a chair by the fish tank. Clara bounces around on 'Pony'. Rowan plays with the play mobile set, keeping an eye on the loft action. Malcolm climbs up and down the loft as well, and somehow manages not to get jumped on.

Miele: Miele can fly all the way to Israel!!

Lincoln: Lincoln can fly all the way to the western interior slums on the other side of Asia! (That's what I heard anyway)

Miele: I can fly all the way to Berkeley!!! Do you know where that is? That is where I lived before. I lived in Oakland, then Berkeley, then Oregon!

Lincoln: I can fly from the littlest rock to an oak tree!

Rowan: I can fly nowhere!!!

Miele: I can fly all the way to the jungle...


This exciting game went on for quite a while. Kids sure know how to have fun.

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