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September 12th

If I could figure out how to make captions (and I might yet!), this is what they would be. And someday I may figure out how to get the pictures to show up in chronological order. Nothing is impossible.

Scarlett is inspired to draw. Rowan brings over the dinosaurs.

During lunch we read another Barbapapa story. I'm always fascinated that kids don't seem to notice when I start speaking in French. Words may be the least important part of communication at this stage of development.

We take a tour of the garden and pick some vegetables (the acorns are from our walk). I am hoping this will inspire them to try my 'garden lasagna'. I'm 50% successful!

Water+sand+dinosaurs+measuring cups= engaged children.

We notice our shadows. Rowan really likes to 'wonder'. I like to wonder too. There is a lot to wonder about. When we get to the field, we wonder whether the soccer ball we found yesterday will be there. It's not. We wonder what that shiny thing way across the field could be. Rowan postulates it could be a toaster!!!! Highly unlikely, but definitely possible.

We stop to notice something different on the mural that we didn't notice yesterday. Scarlett notices the girl in the wheelchair is playing patty cake.

Rowan calls the dewdrops 'ittys' or maybe it was 'bittys'.I love see the world through preschool eyes.

And of course, every single pillow and stuffed animal must come down the loft slide. That's just the way it is in preschool.

'dot dot not a lot' is a ditty I learned from another preschooler. I am VERY impressed with Scarlett's self-control and discipline in gluing.

One for Mom, one for Dad, one for my sister Eliana (sp?), and one for me!

During snack, we read Fox Makes Friends. What IS a friend? How do you make one? Who are your friends? Are we friends? What are some things friends do?

Rowan discovers the mystery box. We have fun pulling random items in and out and discussing them. Hard? Soft? Plastic? Wood? Bumpy? Heavy?...

Why oh why do kids who love sticking stickers (and what kid doesn't?) always have to leave just one or two? I wonder...

We get to #5 on the number train before I am the only one interested in continuing...

We do some yoga at circle. Rowan is a collapsed Bridge, and Scarlett is a reverse Bridge, or maybe she has finally decided to do Downward Dog after all.

It's ring-around-the-rosie and teachers are not invited. Boo hoo.

Scarlett finds a witch hat and decides to cast some spells. I suggest we could make some magic wands. Stickers. Paper. Tape. Sticks. Bibbity bobbity boop!

My dinosaurs are so happy Rowan chose Rivendell. They get to participate in almost every activity, from tea parties, to music exploration, to magna tile buildings, to axolotl watching.

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