• Cara

September 10th

Some things I said:

I'm not an octopus! (Something I say when I am doing something and someone else wants me to do something else. At the same time!)

If you make it, you break it. If you don't make it, don't break it. Unless you ask. And respect the answer. (In reference to sand castles and block towers and puzzles and things like that).

Going head first down the slide is "penguin style". It's okay, as long as the coast is clear and it's safe. I warn them that other people and other schools may have different rules.

A few highlights:

We saw TWO cats today. Rocket and the neighbor cat, Milo. And met two of the five fish in the new 'fish-n-flush' which delights both preschoolers and my husband.

We brought out the doctor box and spent a long time doctoring each other. There were fevers and hurt toes, and brave girls getting shots.

Scarlett and Rowan both spent a long time with the rock/marble/gem collection, interacting with the materials in very different ways. Scarlett liked to have A LOT to pile up and then move from here to there and there to here. And Rowan likes to choose a few very carefully and line them up and examine them. I enjoy sending the marbles spinning around in bowls. Try it!

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