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October 8th

If I could make captions, this is what they would say:

*Sophie and Rowan give me 'Halloween Goddess' poses to get into the Halloween yoga book.

*It's a pile of girls in a pile of pillows!


*Scarlett discovers her reflection in the sink handle while Rowan watches the fish.

*Scarlett and Rowan meet Neale (my Dad), Glen (my brother), Levi (my son) and Joel (my husband).

*Scarlett catches raindrops on her tongue.

*Scarlett does not want to look at the totem pole, but Rowan and I do. We wonder what is in the right hand...

* Walkin' the wall...

*Today we find a yellow ball! The 'mud field' (as we now call it) always seems to have something interesting to discover.

*Rowan usually prefers holding Scarlett's hand/arm over mine.

*Today we find a butterfly. Is there still more to observe and discover?

*Scarlett would rather play my flute, but settles for the recorder and really enjoys the loud sounds she can make!

*Dancing and playing along with 'Girl Like You' which seems to be Scarlett's new favorite song.

*Music time!

*We bring down the dollhouse and spend a long time exploring all the furniture and people: 'but WHY is the shower head attached to a string? Why are there two grandpas. Why why why!

*Rowan decides to stack the lids while we paint with the dabbers and with our hands.

*Dinosaur party!

*Painting with the dabbers.

*Today we get so far as taking the puzzles apart...maybe tomorrow we'll put them back together again. Maybe not!

It sure is nice to have preschool up and running again.

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