• Cara

October 23rd

of note....

the marble run I created remained intact but well-used until snacktime, showing much impulse control and care!

the games we play (Connect 4 and Stack Up today) are excellent to practice taking turns, waiting, and following rules.

a balloon-on-a-string never fails to please, and is also excellent for hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills

Rowan looooves the miniature dragons (and glued a very creative pumpkin)

Everyone demonstrated remarkable teamwork and perseverance working on and completing the fire engine puzzle

I was not able to inspire much help scooping out the pumpkin and separating the seeds., but a little...

We watched a spider catch a bug and bring it down its web to the middle. Amazing. What if you could manifest string near your rear and create a web and lines to swing around on and wrap up your lunch!?

Wall-jumping is added to our fun-on-the-field, as is climbing the bleachers. And today we got to watch some pretty amazing remote controlled cars race around and crash and flip and race some more.

And of course there were tea parties and doctoring. Scarlett's leg was broken by a tiger. She needed shots and bandages...

Then after lunch, Elvis fell asleep and I got to carve a pumpkin!

Hasta manana...

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