• Cara

October 22nd

Delilah says: greetings this si delilah I come in broken pieces. Today Brooks Did NOT do his school. But I did! This counputer is rusty. Today I have heard the news... while cara was away bartholimew ….died. I know in the last time I wrote he was alive. Hi and welcome back to dogs life! Hi im dog or you could call me D. today im going to carve pumpkins! Covid is a BUMMER. MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY IS HALLOWEEN!. Ahh. I miss the good old days. Here is something funny that happened ;latly. Ok so robbies mom walked into the room. She met vienna. Vienna walked up to her and said, Sugar makes me CRAZY! Ah it was funny. The funnest day was yesterday we came and someone left me [very expensive dog treats!] I dont have a dog but with my allowence I buy dog treats and give them out to the dogs that walk by my house! Today Im going to my moms brothers ex wifes house! She has a HUGE newfoundland! His name is wrigley! And she has a rescue husky mix named cheyanne! She works for the oregon dog rescue! Well thank you ! Watch out for the next story! Ps and wrigley! Dog Out!

Cara says: in case you are wondering about the morning art experiments, we tried several ways (oven, hairdryer...) of melting crayons into molds, but...not so successful.And if you ask me, Elvis and Georgia really did school...

But the sun was shining and the word of the day was: COOCOO BANANAS.

Don't ask :)

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