• Cara

October 22nd

What a beautiful autumnal Tuesday!

A morning walk took us to The Field for bubbles and mud fun, and an afternoon walk with Elvis took us to the Wedge for apples and figs. We examined spiders and ladybugs, seeds and leaves. We stomped in puddles and learned how to wipe our hands in the grass.

There was playdoh and flubber, drawing with stencils and painting, and some stamps too.

I read stories at morning and afternoon snack, and lunch too. It's nice having a captive audience! I introduced them to Ladybug Girl and Kevin Henkes.

We played games: Bingo, Stack-it, Caribou Island, Chickyboom, and Rockin' Clown. It was nice to see Elvis teach the girls how to play Stack-it while I was cleaning up. They learn so much better from each other than they do from us, it sometimes seems...

There was rice in the sensory table, hex snaps to put together, pumpkins to weigh, and colored sorting items to count and categorize.

And Elvis and I had fun in the afternoon bashing a balloon around and launching animals with a fulcrum and inclined plane.

It was a good day!

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