• Cara

October 21st

I experimented with various methods of walking together today. We started with Madeline Style: Six little kids in two straight lines, led by Lincoln and Miele, next Clara and Beatrix, followed by me, Malcolm and Oly. That got us to the grapes at the end of the block, but the boys really didn't fancy holding my hands. So we tried Big Kid with Little Kid, and I called it Kindergarten practice. That didn't last long at all! We also tried No One Goes Past the Teacher. My usual casual 'herding cat' style where we poke along looking at every little thing and walking little walls, waiting and catching up works pretty well, but it would be nice to be able to walk like a military platoon from time to time!

Something to work on.

That said it was a pretty mellow, harmonious day for all.

(if they say anything about eating bugs- Clara served me some at the playhouse and I heard Malcolm mention bugs to his dad when he got picked up-it may be because Joel joined our Porch Picnic to show off the crickets he got for his frog, and may have offered them around for a supplement to snack)

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