• Cara

October 15th

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Happy Thursday!.

Today we...

  • Climbed trees

  • Fed mosquito larvae to the axolotls

  • Saw some snakes

  • Worked on the fort from yesterday

  • Picnicked in the park

  • Set up the tent

  • Swung on the swings

  • Tossed up our own rope swing

  • Kept track of a guinea pig!

  • Rolled giant rocks

  • Wrestled large branches

  • Swung from monkey bars

  • Comforted our friends when they were hurt or sad

  • Painted rocks

  • Set up marble runs

  • Had a dance party

  • Earned our first pom-pom for the new Pom-Pom Challenge by being ready to go in less than 3 minutes

  • Helped make sandwiches and pack a picnic

  • Played with flubber

  • Went to class meeting or worked in workbooks (well, most of us)

  • Read stories at snack

  • Practiced and discussed earthquake and fire safety drills

  • Made a photo cut out for Dolly and Ginger

  • And then there were all the games the kids played that I was not a part of (and that is why the girls are overrepresented in the blog).

It's been an excellent week. Have a good weekend.

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