• Cara

October 14th

Happy birthday, Miele.

Today it's all about that Miele, bout that Miele...

We love the Miele you bring to Rivendell. You have so many interesting, creative, fun ideas, and are willing to include everyone in your games, and listen (mostly) to their ideas too. You're a leader without being a boss (who likes those???), and seem to have an endless stream of energy and positivity. And then when it's rest time, you can lay still whether there is a book or not. You are always willing to help, whether it's carrying a bucket of bubbles, turning off the water for a Little, or inviting someone shy to join in.

Yep. It sure is nice to have you around.

Happy 5.

(Don't forget your preschool teacher when you are important and famous. Well that's okay. But I won't forget you).

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