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October 14th

I'm glad I got to spend a while with Robbie building and chatting before the other kids arrived, because once they did, he was pretty busy with his new friends.

Delilah was in an art mood this morning and inspired blob painting (dropping out paint and then folding the sheet of paper), and water color blowing, and using the squirt bottles with stencils.

A little bit of work was done in workbooks, but nothing to present to the school board!

And we went for a walk in the morning to check out the progress on the new playground/park at the old pool (La Tourette Park) ending up at the Jackson field, and then in the afternoon we headed out again to Atkinson's park (we call it the swing park) where we picnicked, slid down the hill, set up a rope swing, and discovered an awesome fort and started our own creation.

Delilah got to pet a cute puppy that was a McNab, a breed neither of us had heard of. Very hard to find a breed Delilah is unfamiliar with!

Robbie likes to say: Nature is my kind of playground.

That makes him: my kind of guy!

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