• Cara

October 13th

So just to explain....when Joel takes a picture on his phone (or downloads one from Facebook), that picture automatically gets on the computer, and will show up somewhere in the middle of the pictures I upload. Usually I notice when this happens and I can delete his photo. But not always. That's all I am going to say about that.

As for this Wednesday in October, we all had a pretty good day. Kids are great. They have an idea, and just put it into action. I don't know how most of these ideas come about, or why some ideas take hold and others don't. For example, walking along the street we come to a fence, and suddenly they are all crouching down and jumping up over and over yelling 'we're supercats! We're supercats!!!'. Or they sit down on a bench, declare they are waiting for a school bus, and when Malcolm and I catch up, suddenly I am the school bus and they have latched on to my backpack.

All day long...

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