• Cara

October 13th

Welcome Robbie, and welcome back to Delilah, Georgia, Vienna, Elvis and Brooks. By the end of the day, it simply felt that Robbie was part of the group.The school situation worked out well, and while certain kids were on-line in their classes, the rest were busy reading or working in workbooks at their desks. There were no technological issues today!!

Some things we did today:

  • playdoh

  • guinea pig constructions

  • fiddlestick inventions

  • yoga

  • dance parties

  • hot glue gun projects

  • big bubbles

  • doll torture (hmm....)

  • wall jumping

  • tire-swinging

  • eating

  • fun-on-the-ramp

....i.e enjoying friendship and making new connections. It was a good day.

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