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November 6th

Look! The pictures are in chronological order! And if I had captions, this is what they would say...

1/ Erik, Rowan and Scarlett start the day painting paper plates. Part 2, next time.

2/Joel reads us his own creation: A Beginner's Guide to Sharing and Taking Turns. It's not received with much enthusiasm at first, but I have several more opportunities to read through it.

3/ Rowan loves puzzles. And Erik likes to be part of any action of any sort!

4/ A Rocket siting during a bathroom break.

5/ Scarlett sure looks mad! The slide is mostly fun and consensual kid piles.

6/ Scarlett provides music for the train engineers.

7/ Rowan and Erik are often on the same wavelength. Could be a 2 year old thing, or just personalities that jive.

8/ Snack time! During snack today we discuss the number one value at Rivendell: Kindness.

9/ Scarlett takes the floor and explains what Kindness means to her: Being nice. Not being mean.

10/ Erik keeps the rice in the sensory bin more today than he did yesterday...

11/ Dance party with ribbons!

12/ A game of Snail's Pace Race that is aborted a third of the way through due to lack of interest. Maybe later?

13/ Elvis is the one to finish the puzzle that Rowan brought out.

14/ Scarlett and Erik love to swing even more than the pushers are willing to push!

15/ Elvis is 'measuring' Rowan with the grabber.

16/ Yes! They can fit into the car together!

17/ Joel is home for lunch so you get a picture of yours truly. I'm making a birthday cake in the sand table.

18/ Scarlett is turning 4 and Elvis is 100! Happy Birthday.

19/ Can you see the dinosaur (with smoke erupting from his back)?

20/ Elvis is serving ice cream.

21/ Rowan decides to wear Erik's hat. He seems to be okay with that...

22/ Erik likes to take out the rainbow. I show him something to do with those pieces.

23/ Fish watching in the rocking chair.

24/ The jackolanterns are now a science experiment. We'll watch them melt back into the garden.

25/ An excellent activity for Elvis and Erik while I put lunch together. Right by my side.

26/ During lunch we read stories. Today we read 'Peedie'.

27/ Mikhail and Eliana join us as we are making ice cream cones. I'm not an octopus. That means I can only help one person at a time...

28/ And Elvis and I start the afternoon with a game of Caribou Island (I'm not sure why some of the pictures have the top part chopped off).

29/ And he wants some exercise on the way to the bus.

30/ On the #32! The first Rivendell bus adventure in Oregon City!

31/ We go to Clackamas Community College and explore. There is art everywhere.

32/ This sculpture doesn't feel at all as we expected. It's not made out of metal...

33/ Quite the striking and informative mural.

34/ There's a lovely little pond/fountain tucked away. We watch for frogs very quietly. And see a bird.

35/ Rowan would love these dinosaurs!

36/ Gems and fossils. Which is your favorite?

37/ My favorite! Elvis asks 'what is that? what is that? what is that one? how about this one?'

38/ There's a row of interesting people coming out of the wall. It appears.

39/ Back at the ranch we spend some time throwing animals up and down the slide to each other.

40/ And then we make crepes...

41/ Yikes! He's throwing them all at the same time (this is excellent exercise, by the way)

42/ I get a turn up top too!

43/ And then a game of Coocoo the clown and

44/ Balancing chickens.

It was a good day. I'll try to not get so carried away with pictures....

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