• Cara

November 3rd

A day full of good cheer.

Miele and Lincoln often come up with a pretend 'game'. Today they were baboons. Yesterday they were Adventures. Often they are orphans. (Why do kids like to pretend their parents are dead? They all do...). Miele is often the one who inserts the idea first (HEY!!!!! Let's pretend we're Adventures. I'll be ________________). Then Lincoln pops in with YEAH! and I'll be _____________, and they take it from there mostly doing a very fine job of listening to each other's ideas and including everyone else. Clara always jumps right in and picks a roll (I'm the Little Sister baboon...), and Malcolm is usually near and in the action, but more focused on his own play than the 'game'. Beatrix tends to watch from the periphery, and will sometimes join for a bit (I sometimes remind Miele and Lincoln to make an extra effort to include her, and my hearts melt when they try to slow the action down a little to be more Beatrix-friendly).

And that's more or less how it goes.

I can sometimes get them join an art activity or other group activity by inserting myself into the game: hey! It's almost time for Orphan Art Class!

So there's a little inside glimpse.

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