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November 19th

Who would have thought that 20 mealworms could bring so much joy, and inspire so much creativity in a classroom. Who needs a Tiger Monkey Leg Frog or a Purple Stardust Bird Eater tarantua? And we're learning all about mealworms too! They got to enjoy a lovely playground with monkey bars and swing, as well as have many races down the colored corridor. Go Red!!!! Delilah was sad when I said we couldn't take them out on our walk to the field....maybe next time.

Other highlights include a new game of hide-and-seek that Robbie calls 'Robbie-in-a-box' (which entertained Elvis, and then Brooks and Vienna for quite a while even though there were a very limited number of boxes capable of concealing a small human!)

Delilah had a wonderful time playing with a couple of puppies named Naia and something. She would know.

In a moment of wonderful harmony and cooperation, all six kids managed some swinging on the tire swing.

The rubber ducks were kind of fun, but would have been more fun with more rain, bigger puddles, and maybe some little streams down the hill.

And finally, we are quite pleased with the progress on the new playground at the old school. Today we noticed a slide that was just put in and giant rocks to climb on....

Have a good weekend plus.

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