• Cara

November 12th

Some awesome things happened today...

  • Delilah sat and did school with Robbie while I was otherwise occupied, and gently guided him through five pages in his workbook. I awarded her teacher of the day!

  • Georgia set up a little emotional reset corner with pillows and books to help anyone in need of emotional support.

  • Brooks got focused making a battle arena for Darth Vader and Darth Maul (I think) using hot glue and cardboard and creative engineering ideas.

  • Robbie tackled a puzzle called the Kanoodler, and I was impressed with his persistence. It's a challenging puzzle!

  • Elvis is the only one to sit down at every 'work' time (today 9:00, 10:00, and 1:00), and work his way through his exercises.

  • Vienna made interesting creations with the glue gun and pom-poms, sequins and pipe cleaners.

  • the guinea pigs were their awesome and tolerant selves. Does any guinea pig live a more exciting and varied life than our Rivendell pigs? I think not.

Less awesome....

  • though everyone is initially excited about playing games like Toilet Tag and Kick-the-can, the games seem to end up in disappointment, discord, and tears.

  • we need to work on problem-solving and replace name-calling and physical responses with Kindness and Respect.

So have a wonderful weekend.

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