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November 12th

Well, the pictures are in reverse order again. Let me know if it matters to anyone...

Of note today...

We had a visit with a family with two girls today named Savannah and Stella...

Everyone thinks they want to play games, and they will often pull games off the shelf and set them up to play, but then soon they will find another activity. Sometimes we finish though! Elvis and I usually play a few games in the afternoons.

The fish are as interested in the kids as the kids are in them. They swim right over (especially when there is no scary banging on the glass) and investigate. This weekend some 'bumblebee cichlids' were added to the tank.

The new formula of bubble solution is a success. And who doesn't love bubbles?

Today Elvis and I practiced a proper rest time, because sooner or later (and perhaps sooner!) someone will join him in the afternoons. We got out mats, snuggled up, and read a chapter from The Magician's Nephew.

Everyone likes 'What Time is it, Mr. Shark?', and they are getting better at counting out steps and actually following the game.

'Loft story' before going outside is now firmly part of the routine. We'll be reading more and more books as time goes on.

And that is what I have to say today!

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