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November 10th

Balance. That was my inspiration entering this day, and (among many many other things), we did some inspired building, balancing objects on top of tall structures. Robbie and I invented a game with the balance scale in which we take turns placing an object in one side, and the other player tries to match and balance the scale using other rocks. Then we kept track of how many marbles we needed to add to make it balance. All sorts of math skills in use. And then there is personal balance and a whole lot more to think about together.

I also did the famous Marshmallow Experiment and gave each kid a marshmallow at the beginning of a work session, and said that if they DIDN'T eat it, I would give them another. And a third bonus one if they stayed at their desks and worked the whole time. All but one got the matched one, and all but two got the 'work' one. You can guess who....? I doubt it.

We had a nice walk despite the drizzle to check the progress at the La Tourette Park (I think it's going to be awesome when it's done!), and watched the back hoe fill the dump truck, and speculated as to what the workers were doing. We also found a previously unnoticed retaining wall filled with semi-precious stones. We've walked the closest grid of streets so many times in so many ways, it's nice to discover an unnoticed path.

And we finished the day with a game of BINGO with prizes, though I couldn't entice Robbie and Brooks to join us.

Et voila!

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