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May 3rd

It was fun serving the Hobson family mac and cheese recipe for lunch, and I thought it would be fun to serve recipes from all the families. So you are cordially invited to send on any family favorites.

About this time was difficult, so that is something to work on. Being together and working as a group, taking turns, listening, waiting, ...I want it to be a fun interesting educational, and something we all look forward to. There is so much to do that's really really fun, but golly wolly guacamole! It does require cooperation. Has anyone read Lord of the Flies???

Mostly what I saw today was Lincoln and Miele deep deep into 'let's pretend this, and let's pretend that, and how about this, and now we're water dragons...etc..' so wrapped up in their game that they were oblivious to the rest. Meanwhile, Oly did puzzles and played games, Clara dressed up in costume after costume, Beatrix did a lot of art, and Malcolm...he rocked his cloak...and I prepared food and cleaned up a lot and orchestrated transitions...and voila!

Right now I am experiencing technological difficulties, and hoping I can load some pictures later...stay tuned.

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