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May 28th

The first awesome thing that happened was I discovered prepping for the day that 4 out of 5 of yesterday's balloons survived. That's a record.

I was also pleased that 5 out of 5 children drew lovely pictures for a ThankYou card for my friend who made each of us a cool looking face mask.

Today the loft game 'Missiles' was explained: everybody except one goes up in the loft, and that person then tries to get up in the loft, while the leader (up in the loft) drops down 'missiles' (children) upon the one trying to climb up. Sounds fun, right?!

And we walked around the block (doing careful social distancing and masking), got messy with shaving cream, ran under the sprinkler, cooled each other off with squirt bottles (boy is it a fine line between very fun and not very fun at all...), chilled during Quiet Alone activities, and a whole lot more.

I realize that Elvis and Vienna are usually underrepresented in the blog, mostly because they are the more self-sufficient easy-going of the crew. So I have tried to overrepresent them today. Ironic that they are the youngest!

Have fabulous weekend. Stay cool.

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