• Cara

May 27th

Today's fun included

  • dying multiple times, lying in a coffin, having a heart warming funeral, and being buried at sea (mostly Brooks)

  • collecting bugs, making habitats for bugs, hotgluing everything under the sun (Delilah and Vienna, and Elvis on the collection side)

  • squirt bottles in the sun (lots of fun, but then sometimes, not at all fun)

  • big bubbles and snacking at the field (social distancing at all times)

  • sewing (Georgia)

  • napping (Elvis) during Quiet Alone activities which (somewhat surprisingly to me) are going very very well. We listen to 'Alexa! Meditation music', and do our own thing for a half hour or so. I think we do all really need the downtime.

so yeah, it was a most excellent day.

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