• Cara

May 20th

We got to meet Vienna's new kitty, Bohanan

We dropped the giant lego tower from the loft and watched it explode. It was time. We all cleaned up together.

Brooks (I just realized I have been spelling his name wrong most of the time) enjoyed bathing in legos

Georgia is well on her way to learning how to juggle

Delilah and Vienna hotglued all sorts of things for Bo

Elvis spent a large part of the day with the magnet-and-ball set doing unusual and creative things

Everybody was satisfied with lunch

I reinstituted Quiet Alone activities for a half hour or so after lunch. It will require some practice for some, but overall went well.

We made an insect motel with all sorts of treats, and brought over spiders, a slug, a beetle and a couple of roly polys

Brooks wanted me to take a picture of his finger

Bella/Milo endured some preschool loving before running off

And we finished with a drum-instrument-flute circle.

It was a Wednesday!

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