• Cara

May 14th

Today was a challenging day.

As in:

Challenge #1: color one page completely

Challenge #2: do a yoga pose for each letter in the Alphabet Yoga book

Challenge #3: complete the puzzle (100 piece anatomy puzzle)

Challenge #4: get a magna tile stuck on the ceiling, next to the blue one

Challenge #5: find the 12 hidden Greek mythological creatures

Challenge #6: paint a rock

Challenge #7: have a drum circle. With everybody

Challenge #8: complete the four puzzles on the table

Challenge #9: create something using all of the acrobats

Challenge #10: clean-up all together like rock stars

Except for number 10, all the challenges were met by at least 2 kids. And a whole lot other things happened too, like blob paintings, more marble painting, another walk around the block remember the names of flowers, crafts galore, loft fun, resting, and work on a special little project.

Twas a good day.

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