• Cara

May 13th

There were a few negative things that happened today:

  • Vienna encountered a staple in a box that cut her wrist. She is a tough cookie.

  • Brookes encountered a similar staple. He is a delicate flower.

  • There was a collision between Georgia on her bike and Vienna on foot. It was a five-bandaide day.

  • The food was entirely unsuitable to Brookes (waffles, mac and cheese, a large variety of fruit..), and that had an exponential effect on his mood....

On the bright side:

  • It's nice to see how kind Brookes' siblings are when he is really having a rough time.

  • We went on a flower walk and used my app to identify all sorts of flowers: marigolds, calla lilies, clasping heliotropes, daisies, azaleas, scotch heather, blueblossom, weigela (?!), forget-me-not, columbine, johnny jump-up, clemantis, dame's rocket and peonies. To name a few. We'll take the same walk tomorrow and see what we remember.

  • Marble painting was a hit

  • Slimy slime was concocted

  • More amazing things were made with glue guns and recycled materials and pipe cleaners

  • The square puzzle that can be done so many ways was tackled

  • Mythological greek figures we appreciated and lived in my Greek palace for awhile (until the dreadful earthquake)

And so much more...

Hopefully tomorrow will be bandaide-free

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