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March 5th

Little Moments

9:15 Scarlett is taking care of her baby (Rowan) on the couch, 'reading' her a story. Ian is creating with the etch-o-sketch. Elvis is 'King of Cosies' in a pile of pillows at the bottom of the loft. Vienna joins him and buries herself in pillows too. She is NOT the Queen or Knight or Princess of Cosies. She is 'nothing'. Pigeon is making beautiful rainbows on the wall...

9:45 We are 'doing' puppets, Vienna's choice at circle. Vienna is trying to introduce her unicorn, while Elvis attacks himself with the alligator puppet. At the same time, Ian is introducing his rabbit, whose name is Alexander. He likes to eat carrots and lettuce, and you know, all the vegetables. Rowan is rolling around on the floor (?!). And Scarlett throws down Little Levi for some reason and goes to watch from the loft. Then she runs back when Elvis picks up Little Levi and reclaims him. It's a bit chaotic!

10:30 We are playing a game of Hide Doodle. All but the hider goes into the Everything room (the food prep/rest time/music room) while the hider hides. These kids have come a long way from when they first got here and insisted on showing everyone exactly where they hid things!

11:30 We are at the 'mud field', shocked to find it in use for a kickball game. But we find a spot by the wall and take turns blowing big bubbles. I'll never get tired of big bubbles!

12:30 Eatin' and chattin'. I introduce a game I call 'trivia' where I ask them random questions: is the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Rome? what's the biggest planet? are you an animal? etc...Between them, they know quite a bit!

1:30 Elvis and Vienna are 'resting' with the light/sound machine. Not really. But I am!

2:30 We have drilled holes through the handles of the balloon paddles and attached them to a box. Vienna is decorating the box while Elvis shoots straws and a cardboard arrow I cut with a rubber band and finger slingshot.

5:00 My mom arrives!!!

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