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March 3rd

Welcome to Rivendell, Ian. It warmed my heart when Ian said 'you know what? Your school is even funner than my old school!'

Ian is brave and a little shy, and has a very positive attitude. He is quickly learning our routines, rules, and expectations. Rowan, Erik and Vienna were kind and welcoming, and it was a mellow easy-going morning without Scarlett and Elvis.

At circle, we drummed and played a game of Caribou Island. During snack we read stories and sang our song. (May there always be sunshine. May there always be rain. May there always be good food. May there always be you and me). For art we painted and then folded our sheets to make interesting designs. Outside we mostly stayed on the track with the vehicles. And then during lunch we read more stories.

In the afternoon, Vienna and I enjoyed a one-on-one adventure. She rode her trike all the way to Dairy Queen, ate a vanilla ice cream, and then pedaled all the way home. (The handsome fellow at Dairy Queen just happens to be my son, Levi, enjoying his first job). And when we got home, Vienna wanted to keep riding!

So March is off to an excellent start (though we do miss Elvis and Scarlett very much).

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