• Cara

March 18th

Happy fifth birthday, Rowan!

What a special day! Not only was it Rowan's birthday, but we also enjoyed hosting Henrietta, and it's the last day of winter (at Rivendell) AND Spring Break started at 5:15!!!

We let Rowan make all sorts of decisions (what to eat...where to go...what to play....what to read...) and she made decisions that pleased us all.

I've know this young person since she was two and a half, and what I remember best is her enjoying walking all the way around the perimeter of the field, by herself, slowly and steadily, and then laughing. She's passionate, possibly part fairy, and holds a deep connection with nature. She's funny, she fun, she's curious, she's helpful and she knows an awful lot about all sorts of things. I feel so lucky that our lives have intersected, and that she is part of Rivendell.

(thanks for the treats and bags of fun!)

See you in a while...

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