• Cara

March 12th

Popular today!!!

  • Playdoh! Fun for everyone at first, and more fun for Vienna and Elvis for most of Free Play.

  • Family! A game by Scarlett and Rowan in which Scarlett is Mom and Rowan is Baby, involving strollers and babies, lots of packing up of handbags with all sorts of random (well, only in my eyes) things, and changes of outfits and cuddling on the couch. And food. Rowan called the cowboy boots her 'going to bed boots'. They played so nicely together until an issue over whose baby got the high chair, which resulted in quite a dramatic reaction from Scarlett.

  • KINDNESS yoga at circle (we did poses from the alphabet book for each letter), and had fun inventing our own for 'New Pose'. Elvis invented the 'Tippy-toe spider throwing the house'. (?!)

  • A comment of 'you're doing it wrong' while we sang our 'May there always be sunshine' song, led to my reading Dr.Seuss's Horse Book during snack, showing different artists' rendition of a horse. And then of course, we colored our own horse any way we wanted with whatever materials we wanted.

  • The big bubbles in the mud field.

  • Loft-pillow-stuffed animal fun for Vienna and Elvis after lunch.

  • A trike-scooter-walk around the block, where a nice lady invited us to ride her supercool tire horse.

A very nice day all around. (I did use my very firm voice when Elvis and Vienna went off beyond the gate following Milo, while I was still in the house helping Scarlett get sorted. But seriously: ONLY the teacher opens the gate. Me).

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