• Cara

June 3rd

random musings from this most excellent Thursday

  • picture Madelene doing a lovely wake-up dance to the music from Aristocats for Oscar after his nap

  • who thought it was a good idea to put shoes in the orbeez bin?

  • teeter-totters are such wonderful tools for teaching cooperation and trust

  • we have intel that the new playground at LaTourette park will finally be open THIS SATURDAY!!!

  • consent means asking before shooting with water. Good idea or bad idea? Shoot the slide? Shoot the guinea pigs? Shoot the tomatoes? Shoot teacher Cara? Shoot the blanket? How about a rock?

  • connect-4 is a fine game, whether or not one's object is actually to connect 4

  • we ate the first blueberries from the bush. And Madelene gave hers to Oscar.

  • I scrapped my first 'rule' of returning a vehicle to it's shady under-porch when I found myself facilitating that policy nonstop. How about we just take them all out and clean up together when we're done?

  • policies need to be flexible to the children and the circumstances (all within consistency and overall structure)

  • Oscar rocks a pink polka dot hat with shades

  • Vienna recently went from being one of the youngest, to the oldest. And rises to the responsibility.

  • I love my job

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