• Cara

June 3rd

Good things today:

  • exploring a new bin of fabric

  • making parachutes and launching various items off the loft

  • everybody liking the waffles

  • getting polished rocks from Stormtrooper's house

  • meeting a bearded dragon named Obie

  • and a field trip to the Promenade by the Elevator

The Field Trip Backpack packing list:


  • wipes

  • sanitizer

  • toilet paper

  • sunscreen

  • face masks

  • emergency contacts

  • books

  • cards

  • the Kanoodler puzzle

  • a pencil case with markers/pens/pencils

  • paper

  • picnic blanket

  • extra shirt, pants, underpants and socks (one size hopefully sort of fits all)

  • lunch (bagels, cream cheese, butter, grapes, carrots, chips, cheese sticks)

  • snack 1 (chocolate chip cookies)

  • snack 2 (watermelon and strawberries)

  • water refill bottle

The kids (Delilah and Georgia) carry another backpack with water bottles for all.

And that's how it's done. (We did have a flushing ceremony when we returned for the mama guppy who sadly passed away after a good long guppylife and producing many adorable baby guppies).

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