• Cara

June 24th

We started the day with Jackson Pollack style paintings outside, and soon discovered that insects walking through the paint leaves delightful little wispy tracks. So of course we had to collect bugs. We also experimented painting on a grass canvass in a hula hoop.

And then a bunch of stuff happened: snack, projects, fun-in-a-tent, lunch, quiet alone activities....

Then we finished the day with a trip to Atkinson's park, where we picnicked, collected more bugs (Delilah found a roly poly- crustacean, not insect!- who seemed to be in the process of giving birth, with tens of little babies appearing from her underside. Pretty cool!), and experimented with different swinging methods.

It was a fine day.

Have a good long weekend, and may the Hughes have a memorable trip to Utah!

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