• Cara

June 23rd

Those first (well last, since the pictures show up backwards chronologically) pictures are 'WE HAVE GUINEA PIGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' faces on Delilah. The first moments were precious. The deal was that today and tomorrow would simply be observation days while the guinea pigs get used to being in preschool and so many new faces and sounds. Delilah went straight to glue gunning various contraptions for Dolly Parton and Ginger Rogers, and Georgia sewed a carry case. Certain kids did have a hard time with impulse control however, and the cage was opened several times before I decided the pigs had enough time in preschool for the day. Maybe tomorrow...We are going to have to be responsible about our class pets.

We also experimented with salt drawing, sand pouring, and mixing salt with food coloring. Some hands are still colored!

And came up with some written rules about how we want to have fun with water squirters of various types.

Et voila. It was a pretty good Tuesday even though Vienna left us early.

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